Fatima Rahman


Fatima Rahman ( FS Charlie) comes from a long line of celebrated film and television actors. Instead of following in their footsteps, Fatima found a different way to express her creative heritage: through hair and makeup.

As a formally trained makeup artist lending her education expertise to companies such as MAC she landed work in film and television working with Michael White, Oscar winning hair stylist and Deborah Dietrich, hair and makeup maestro to educators and behind the camera. Fatima started doing makeup and hair for films, including Milk. Aspiring actors, for whom looking their best was top priority, sought her expertise for headshots. Soon, her talents included eyebrow threading and henna art, which she learned from none other than Madonna's personal eyebrow and henna expert, Sumita Batra of Ziba Beauty.

Fatima's creativity, talent, and laid-back vibe led her into fashion, where she did hair and makeup for fashion shoots and worked on several high-profile fashion shows over 12 years in LA and NYC.

South Asian brides love that Fatima is a one-stop stylist. Not only is she an expert with hair, makeup, henna and threading, she can easily dress South Asian brides and their bridal parties in their traditional attire.

Fatima apprenticed Ruth Roche, an industry legend who's styled celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Szohr, and, Kelly Ripa, and whose work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, and In Style. At Rare, Fatima's talent led to work for fashion runway shows, such as Christian Dior, fashion shoots, and celebrity clients, such as Victoria Secret models. In November 2010, Ruth passed the torch to Fatima, who ran the salon until late 2015. Since she has worked with incredible educators and salon owners and is very passionate about raising up the industry.

Fatima lives in New York City with her husband and two girls and travels to California frequently.

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