The search for smooth, manageable hair is over with the ProAddiction Smoothing Treatment available at Roman K Salon. This innovative hair smoothing solution delivers long-lasting, salon-quality results, enhancing the natural beauty of your hair while maintaining its health. Designed to combat frizz and improve manageability, the ProAddiction Smoothing Treatment ensures you can enjoy sleek, polished hair every day.


The Benefits of Choosing ProAddiction Smoothing Treatment

Our ProAddiction Smoothing Treatment offers a multitude of benefits to those struggling with unruly hair. Here’s how it can transform your hair care routine:

Frizz Reduction

Seals and smooths the hair cuticle to significantly reduce frizz, leaving your hair sleek and smooth.

Improved Manageability

Makes daily hair styling quicker and easier by smoothing the hair texture, thus reducing time and effort.

Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy smoother, more manageable hair for months after just one treatment.

Safe and Gentle on Hair

Free from harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, this treatment is designed to be gentle, preserving the integrity and health of your hair.


The ProAddiction
Treatment Process

At Roman K Salon, the ProAddiction Hair Smoothing Treatment involves a detailed and careful process to ensure the best results:


A thorough assessment by our stylists determines the best approach for your hair type, texture, and desired outcome.

Hair Cleansing

An initial wash using a clarifying shampoo prepares your hair by removing any residue, ensuring the treatment adheres properly.

Treatment Application

Our specialists apply the ProAddiction solution meticulously from roots to ends.

Heat Activation

The application is followed by heat activation, which helps the solution penetrate deeply and seal the cuticle effectively.

Rinse and Style

After the treatment, your hair is carefully rinsed and a conditioning serum applied. Your hair is then styled to your preference, showcasing the immediate results.


Maintaining Your ProAddiction Smooth Hair

To extend the life of your ProAddiction Smoothing Treatment and keep your hair looking great, follow these tips:

Apply ProAddiction hydrating mask

Apply ProAddiction hydrating mask for 10 minutes after shampooing your hair post swimming to avoid frizz. Swimming won't wash the treatment off but the salt in the ocean and the chlorine in the pool will overdry the hair and open the cuticles.

Regular Touch-Ups

ProAddiction treatment works internally on the hair to change the hair structure. Over time, it may develop some frizz, so we recommend scheduling touch-ups every 6 months.


Use any shampoo following your ProAddiction treatment. However, we highly recommend continuing with the ProAddiction line to ensure your hair receives the essential components necessary for optimal at-home care and maintenance.


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