Hairstyle is an important part of your look. A great haircut defines your image at the workplace as much as a new dress or tie, and a well groomed, fashionable hair style can make all the difference in the club. Having a great haircut is about more than just looking good; it’s a key ingredient in self-esteem and defining your presence as a successful person.

Roman K Salon understands that the perfect hairstyle is hard to come by. That’s why our talented stylists will do more than just cut your hair. Before picking up the scissors and comb, a Roman K Salon stylist will first consult you on your fashion and preferred look and help select a hairstyle that best suits your hair type as well as your lifestyle.

Our experienced team of stylists is highly skilled and can create a wide array of haircuts and styles. Have a specific look in mind? No problem, our stylists can create it for you. Feel free to bring in photos or magazine clippings of hairstyles you like as well.

Roman K Salon is a full service salon that will provide you with a luxurious and complete hairstyling experience. From the initial wash and shampoo all the way through your hair cutting and styling, Roman K Salon insures that your experience will be relaxing, enjoyable and that you’ll walk away with a fantastic hairstyle.

Find the hairstyle that’s right for you. Visit Roman K Salon today or call us right now!

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• Please do not bring any guests, children, or pets with you to your appointment.
• All clientele and staff members will receive a temperature check prior to entering the salon.
Everyone is expected to have a face covering. No exceptions can be made  
• You should not bring extra articles of clothing, shopping bags, luggage , etc.  
• Each client will be provided with a disposable garment bag to hand articles of clothing in.
• Hand sanitizer and cleaning stations are located at many touch points.
• The waiting area will be closed and all magazines have been removed.  
• The kitchen is temporarily closed.
• Stations will be cleaned and sanitized between each client.
• We encourage debit and credit card transactions.