April 3, 2018

The mani/pedi experience at Roman K Salon

I don’t know about you, but I always feel so much more put together when my nails are done.  There’s something about a fresh mani/pedi that makes you feel like a new person! I’ve also realized how important nail-care is to keep your nails looking great. 

The other day I went to Roman K Salon in Flatiron for an apparatus manicure and pedicure that they specialize in. An apparatus manicure is basically a type of European manicure that uses a machine to help shape and take care of your nails. This special apparatus has polishing nozzles that rotate and smooth out your nail bed. Multiple nozzles are also used to ensure that the shaping and polishing is perfect! 


Throughout the process, I saw a huge difference in my nails when looking at them before and after the apparatus treatment. My nails were a bit uneven and damaged from a previous gel manicure that I had, and this helped to smooth them out and make them look refreshed.  I’ll also admit that I don’t have the prettiest feet since I used to be a dancer, but I was amazed at how much better they looked after getting this treatment. 

Olga is the nail technician at Roman K Salon, and she’s been practicing apparatus manicures for years. Let me tell you… she completely transformed my nails during this mani/pedi! Olga also knows how to do the cutest designs on your nails, and has several of these posted to her Instagram so you can see them! I chose to get a gel manicure so it would last longer, and we did a pale pink with a rose gold accent. I absolutely love how the turned out and it’s lasting SO long already. 

The mani/pedi experience at Roman K Salon also differs from a lot of the salons in NYC. Most salons are cramped, loud, and smell like nail polish/chemicals—Not here! Roman K. has a special manicure and pedicure area toward the back of the salon that has adorable white seating and plenty of natural light. You can also overlook the rest of the salon, which I thought was pretty entertaining. 

Next time you need to get glammed up for an event, or just want to take better care of your nails, I definitely recommend heading to Roman K Salon for their nail services. 





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