Get Longer Lashes with the RKS Lash Lift!

July 23, 2018

I’d say that long lashes are the biggest trend in beauty right now. Everyone want those long silky lashes, the ones that look fairy-like and not full of mascara clumps. Because long lashes have been so popular, there have been a lot of recent inventions to help women achieve this look. From serums to lash extensions, we’ve tried it all. But, did you know there is such thing as a lash lift?!

I saw Olga last week at Roman K. Salon, and was a bit skeptical when she told me that my average-length blonde lashes would look darker, longer, and curled after she finished the lash lift… boy was I pleasantly surprised!

A lash lift consists of the lift process that lifts and curls your lashes and ends with a tint that darkens your lashes. She said that the lift will last up to two months! I might have to go in for a tint fill in one month, since my lashes are so light, but I’m definitely excited that they will look like this for a while.

For the lash lift, she paints on different formulas and then leaves about 5 minutes for them to dry. After this process is done, she does the same thing with a colored formula, then you are done! It’s quick and painless and the results are amazing!

My friends at work all thought that I had gotten extensions again, and were shocked when I said I wasn’t even wearing mascara. Just look at my before and after below… how crazy!

This is definitely one of the hottest treatments for summer, and I highly recommend it.