August 21, 2019

Does Frizz have you hiding your hair in a ponytail?

Not anymore!

Roman K Salon offers the BEST treatment for this: Formaldehyde Free Keratin!

So what exactly is a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a time-saving treatment that can reduce frizz, soften your texture, help with shine and cuts your blow-drying time in HALF. The best part is it is Formaldehyde Free! Get healthier and more manageable hair - but without the harmful chemicals. 

What are the benefits?

It can be very beneficial to get a keratin. Over time, we loose our existing keratin with certain shampoos that are formulated with high sulfates or even color services that can strip away the protein.

When should I get it?

We usually always recommend 2-3 Keratins per year.Once before summer and again before winter. During summer months, you want to air dry your hair and the humidity and heat of summer can cause your hair to frizz after styling. Winter is also great due to hair drying out and losing shine, which causes color to dull. Keratin can add a lot of shine and can aide in making the hair feel silkier and softer.

How long to wait in between treatments?

Some clients love doing a keratin every 3-6 months, which is what we recommend. It really depends on the clients hair and preference.

For the entire month of June, book your Formaldehyde- Free Keratin treatment and receive a complimentary Travel Size hair product!!

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