At Roman K Salon, the Kérastase Première Treatment stands as a pinnacle of hair restoration technology. Specifically designed for all hair types, this advanced treatment addresses various forms of hair damage including those caused by heat styling, chemical processes such as coloring and bleaching, and environmental stressors.


Deep Restoration for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is more susceptible to the adverse effects of environmental factors, such as the calcium commonly found in water. Calcium can exacerbate the condition of fragile hair, making it dull, stiff, and lifeless. The Kérastase Première Treatment utilizes a potent formulation of pure citric acid and the amino acid glycine. This dual-action treatment effectively removes excess calcium deposits, decalcifying the hair and preparing it for deep repair.

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How It Works: Decalcification and Repair

The treatment begins with the application of a concentrated citric acid solution, which targets and eliminates calcium buildup. This initial step is crucial as it clears the way for the full efficacy of the subsequent reparative phase. Following decalcification, the treatment employs glycine, known for its powerful reparative properties, to restore the integrity of the hair fibers. The result is hair that not only feels renewed but is visibly stronger, healthier, and imbued with a natural shine.

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Benefits of Choosing Kérastase Première Treatment

Choosing the Kérastase Première Treatment at Roman K Salon provides you with multiple benefits:

Restorative Care

Specifically formulated to reverse damage and fortify hair.

Suitability for All Hair Types

Whether your hair is fine, thick, curly, or straight, this treatment is tailored to suit your specific needs.

Visible Results

Hair is not just healthier; it looks revitalized, with enhanced strength and a lustrous shine that feels as good as it looks.


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