Unlock the secret to beautifully textured hair with our Body Wave treatment at Roman K Salon. Ideal for those seeking to add volume and a natural wave pattern, this service transforms flat, straight hair into vibrant, bouncy waves. Unlike traditional perms that use tight rollers for pronounced curls, the Body Wave treatment employs larger rollers, creating a gentle, flowing wave that enhances your hair's natural movement.


Tailored for Your Unique Hair Texture

Each Body Wave treatment at Roman K Salon is customized to suit your specific hair type and desired outcome. During a comprehensive consultation, our stylists will assess your hair's condition and discuss your styling goals. This personalized approach ensures that the waves complement your overall style and facial features, providing a look that is as unique as you are.

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The Body Wave Process: What to Expect

Our skilled stylists expertly wrap sections of your hair around specially selected large rollers, which are key to achieving the loose, luxurious waves characteristic of the Body Wave treatment. This technique allows for a softer and more natural wave pattern that integrates seamlessly with your hair’s natural texture. The result is an effortlessly chic look that adds volume and style without the maintenance of traditional curls, with the added benefit of lasting for 6-8 weeks, ensuring long-lasting elegance and ease.

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Perfect for All Occasions

The Body Wave is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their look with minimal upkeep. It’s perfect for everyday elegance or special occasions. The waves provide a versatile foundation that can be styled in numerous ways, from sophisticated updos to casual, free-flowing looks. Embrace the flexibility and allure of soft, natural waves with our signature Body Wave treatment.

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